Excellent Contribution Award

The Strategic Management Society will recognize one contribution to the academic program as best representing the life and work of CK Prahalad. Two additional contributions will receive the designation “honorable mention.” Candidates for recognition have been identified through the initial conference review process, and presentations in San Diego will be used to determine the most deserving from among these meritorious submissions. Chet Miller, who is chairing the academic program for the conference, is leading the selection committee.

The prize for the Excellent Contribution Award consists of a cash award.

CK Prahalad’s insights, talents, and works left their mark on a multiple of people around the world. In summarizing Prahalad’s life and work, SMS founder Dan Schendel had this to say:

In keeping with these thoughts, the following questions are being emphasized in the award process:

Roger MoserWinner:

"Evaluating the Institutional Environment for Evolving Industries: A Multi-Step Approach and Application"

Honorable Mention:

"Bricolage and Social Value Creation Across Countries"

"When Institutional Change Outruns the Change Agent: The Contested Terrain Of Entrepreneurial Microlending for the Poor"

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